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We love sharing our interactive math resources for schools! Here are three free resources available for you to use, share and enjoy in your classroom.


Number Line Fractions  In the ‘Number Line Fractions’ learning pathway, learners are introduced to fractions on a number line. Students understand that a whole can be divided into equal parts and that each equal part is a fraction of the whole. Learners are taught that a fraction’s numerator indicates its position on the number line. They solve problems by dragging a slider to the correct point on the number line and by dragging fractions onto points on the number line. Common Core 3.NF.A.2




Treasure Sums – The ‘Treasure Sums’ practice pathway enables learners to practice solving puzzles where different numbers add to the same multiple of 100. Students are presented with Venn diagrams and a total amount that the Venn diagram must add up to. Learners understand problem solving strategies and move numbers into the diagram in order to reach the total. Common Core 3.NBT.A.2


Half and Half! – 
The ‘Half and Half’ challenge player can be found in 1st Grade. Learners solve as many problems as they can in one minute by partitioning circular and rectangular pieces of fabric into equal shares. Learners understand that the parts are only equal if they are the same size and that each equal part is called a half. Students are introduced to the word “halves” and the phrase “half of”. They understand that each half is an equal part of the whole. Common Core 1.G.A.3


Lumio tackles topics in Common Core math with hundreds of interactive math problems, available in a web-based product and as an iPad app.

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