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I’ve bought the app, how come I can’t access it?

Thanks for purchasing one of our apps! We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble accessing it. Here are a few things you can try:


1) Check the previous puzzle has been solved.

Our apps contains learning pathways – structured sequences of puzzles and problems that unlock one at a time as the learner progresses through the pathway. It’s worth checking to see if the puzzles are locked simply because they haven’t been solved yet. If you want to unlock them all, some of our apps contain a setting to switch locks off. Go to the Grown-Ups area, Settings, and switch off the locks.


2) Check your purchase was processed successfully.

You can do this by looking at your Apple app purchase history.


3) Check you are logged into the correct Apple ID.

You can only access apps that were paid for with the same Apple ID. Check your device is logged into the Apple ID you used to make the purchase. Go to Settings, App Store and iTunes, and look at the ID shown on screen.


If this doesn’t resolve things, please drop us an email to with some details to help us get to the bottom of it:

– Have you purchased the full version paid app or the free with in-app purchase version? (The paid app has a blue ribbon on the icon).

– What problems are happening when you try to use the app; are you being prompted to make an in-app purchase?

– Did you make the original purchase on one device and want to access it on a different device?

– If possible, please send a screenshot of the app when the problem happens.