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I can’t hear any sounds in the app!

Firstly, check the app’s sound setting is set to ‘on’.

Still no sound? There are some steps that should fix the problem:

1) Have you checked that the device sound isn’t switched off? For iOS devices, check the sound switch on the side to make sure there is no orange stripe/dot showing.

2) Sometimes kids accidentally press the volume down button until the sound completely disappears. Try pressing the volume up button to see if the sound returns.

3) If you’re using an iPad, the sound issues could also be related to the physical sound/rotation lock side switch. Try changing the settings for that switch under Settings – General (see link below). Then move the switch to see if the audio comes back:

4) Lastly, try rebooting your device. iPads can get tired too!


If you still can’t hear sounds coming from the app, please email us at and we’ll do our best to get to the bottom of it.