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How do I access the disabled puzzles?

Some of the puzzles in our free apps cannot be accessed without making an in-app purchase.

A selection of puzzles are available for free so you can try before choosing whether to buy. This is how to purchase access to all the puzzles in the app:

1) From the main page, press ‘Grown-Ups’ to go to the Grown-Ups area

2) Press the ‘buy’ button in the top right corner

3) Follow the instructions in the pop ups

4) When the in-app purchase is done, you will be able to access all the puzzles in the app

(In-app purchase isn’t for everyone so we also make paid versions of our apps that contain identical content but no in-app purchase.)

Disabled puzzles change appearance when you buy the in-app purchase.

If the in-app purchase has not been bought, some puzzles are not available to play and they have buttons that appear gray and disabled. Once purchased, these buttons will be colorful and the padlocks will be gold/yellow.

All puzzles are locked until the previous one is solved.

In both the free and paid apps, puzzles are structured in learning pathways. In order to unlock the puzzles in the pathway, the learner must first complete the puzzle they are on. There is a light bulb hint feature if learners get stuck!